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Hi dears, while I am dodging falling branches and hoping for minimal damage to my house and yard {the noise of the chainsaw is driving me crazy}, here is a guest post from Renee Rodriguez. Renee runs a design studio renee rodriguez designs where she creates custom wedding invitations and stationery. Her designs are fun, chic and super cute! Here she is –

First, thank you to Manvi for having me as her guest today; I am totally thrilled and honored to be here at Mochatini.

A little bit about me  – I have a fine arts degree from the University of Michigan.  I was trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance and spent a great deal of time in the theater. My love of the theater led me to the world of fashion and eight years of running a small boutique.  Currently I’m a marketing director and a freelance designer. Most importantly I am a mom to an artsy, imaginative and Cinderella obsessed five year old, Oliva.

I decided to create a blog because I wanted a place to document not only my designs and images that I find beautiful and inspiring, but also highlight the talent of others.  The things that fascinate and influence me as an artist are the details and craftsmanship of vintage couture, anything by Coco Chanel and luxurious interiors blended with modern design.

I love to combine clean, modern lines with a little something swanky and fabulous. I would love the Italian designed cocktail ring or glittering crystal and gold clutch paired with my favorite jeans, or maybe a pair of ballet flats adorned with small gold bows, all extravagantly elegant and enchanting.

I think by surrounding yourself with beautiful objects, which have been created with the utmost care, and exquisite details, will bring a touch of elegance to your world.  Like the sparkling subtleties of a crystal chandelier paired with a modern loveseat or a period lamp, updated with a stylish shade or a collection of pearl necklaces paired with t-shirt and jeans can be the dazzling touch to make you feel quite remarkable any day of the week.

hope over to renee’s blog and say hello. you can find her designs here


  1. Renee always has the most beautiful and couture photos and illustrations to match! I absolutely LOVE the idea of anything old, swanky, sparkly and glamorous with a cute Tshirt and jeans. Especially want the jewel encrusted blue shoes! FAB!

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