tabletop; turquoise + salmon

Clearly the most popular color of this year, turquoise and its cousins, teal, sea-green, pale blue, tiffany blue, are everywhere be it fashion, accessories or interiors.

If you are looking for more ideas to introduce this color in your home, try using it on your tabletop.

Pair it with deeper blues and greens

It also pairs really well with pinks and fuscia.

Or for a really fresh look, and my personal fav combo this season, tiffany blue and salmon. ps: im working on a tabletop using this palette as we speak. pics soon.


images: lonnymag and housebeautiful


  1. Hello sweetie,

    I too like turquoise in smaller doses. I am particularly fond of the darker richer tones – deep sea greens.. the colour the stunning ocean here in Sydney takes on a cloudy day.

    Your table top posts are always such an inspiration and I love looking at everything you find. I hope you are working on that book.. 🙂 x

    Darling, did you see the award I posted for you? Please come and pick it up (under ‘Feeling the love’). xx C

  2. I love your blog! Came across you because mochatini is my nickname for my daughter Camille. The turquoise and salmon color combo is delicious!

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