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Happy Earth Day!

Yay, the sun is shining again. I cant wait to be outside on our new deck later. It needs a month or so before we can stain it, but dramatically changes the look of our yard. I want to get good quality outdoor lounge furniture, like this one from pottery barn, for the space.

But that will have to wait until my pocket allows, sigh! For now, i think i’ll add a couple of wicker chairs and a love seat, which i’m hoping to find at a thrift store.

I really love creating several seating zones around the garden. It adds so much character to the yard, almost like an outdoor home. a living apace with lounge furniture, a dining space with a long reclaimed wood table below fairy lights and lanterns, a breakfast nook, a bench, a little work space, and a spot for naps…

Isnt this spot for two charming? a perfect setting for a romantic brunch….hmm..

or a stone patio in a sunroom – lovely!

or how about entertaining on the front porch?

ah!! cant wait to have mid-summer night backyard soirees.

hens and chicks..my fav succulents, and they look great on tables too. I want to create a vertical planter to hang on one of the walls of my potting shed.


i like this idea for the indoor-outdoor space/potting shed that we are working on. i want it to be multipurpose, a space to read magazines, work on my macbook, sip tea, and when we entertain, it can double up as a bar area. and i especially like the use of cinder blocks to make a work table. did i tell you my mother made her bar using cinder blocks and glass in their home. it was so unique looking and everyone who visited loved it.

do you have outdoor-indoor spaces in your home? what do you use them for?


images: via itsmaryruffle


  1. These are all such lovely pics Manvi, the first two are just amazing, I wish I had a spot like that to relax in!

  2. Hey Manu,

    I would love to have a pretty back yard to lounge in like the one in the first photo! Did you know that pottery barn has opened it’s first store here in Dubai. They have amazing stuff but they are a bit expensive. I can’t wait to move from our apartment to a villa which are in the plans for the future!
    It’s starting to warm up here too except we are anticipating a lot more heat than you! ; )

    Happy Earth Day too! And looking forward to pics of your fully renovated backyard!


  3. so glad you like. as you will see soon, my yard was one UGLY piece of mother earth. filled with weeds and neglected by the previous owners for years. it has taken us (mostly my hubby) all this time to get it zero. now we are slowly starting to build.
    @ charlotta, i NEED a hammock big time. and one big enough for two…though my views are not as lovely as your ocean views..you lucky gal.
    @ nuit..what are you waiting for? take baby steps..like we do.. im most areas we are still waiting for the grass to grow. and planting new plants in other.
    @ pablo..me too.
    @ piper I love string lights…you must share pics of your party! i am trying to find a permanent solution for bugs..any suggestions? i guess lighting the fire is a good idea.
    @ diana. i hope you get your private yard soon! before after pics coming…once i find the terrible befores.. 😉

  4. These spots are all so inspirational. I really like your idea about a functional space that will also work well for entertaining. I am still waiting on my home with a private yard. Right now I’m in a condo townhouse and although I have my own patio it is still open to a communal garden. Which equals NO PRIVACY. Grr…. Good luck with your indoor/outdoor decorating, would love to see your before and after pics.

  5. What a wonderful post Manvi. To follow your thinking and planning for your home is so much fun and I love all your ideas.

    I agree with you that the garden should be approached like a house with dedicated areas for play, food, rest and crafty projects. Our rented house has a few little areas like these in the garden, including a space where the kids can get arty and messy (important).
    The first thing I always put up in any given outdoor space is a comfy hammock – I can’t imagine life without one.. 🙂

    Happy Earth Day to you and to this beautiful planet we live on!

    xx Charlotta

  6. I love summer parties. I can’t wait to have my place styled and ready to entertain!

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration…we’re working on our patio this year (yay!!). I dream of having it like the picture above that has the lights strung up…to sit outside in the evening, with a fire, sigh!!

  8. Oh Manvi… all of these spaces are a dream!!

    I cannot wait to renovate my backyard, it needs so much work… all the green gets me thinking bout Earth Day… happy birthday Mother Nature!!

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