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Hi my dears, hope you are having a good week. Today is a big day for me. It involves a photo shoot of my home and my tabletop designs. To say I am excited is an understatement. I’ll be sharing details with you as soon as I can. While I am busy with the shoot, I leave you with a post from a wonderful woman.

Allow me to introduce today’s guest blogger Monika of Splendid Willow. Monika is a dear dear blogging friend and has been an incredible pillar of support to mochatini and me. Her passion for decorating is indulgent. Her charming home in Seattle, WA and inspiring blog Splendid Willow are attributes to her distinct twist on Swedish style. It is a real pleasure having her here today…without any delay, take it away mon.

Hello! Monika from Splendid Willow here. When Manvi invited me to write a guest post on her lovely blog, I felt more than honored. Not only is she very talented and creative (and her blog so inspirational), I also consider her a very dear friend. Manvi asked me to write something about design linked to my Swedish roots. So, this is what I consider – Simply Swedish.

Swedes crave light. For many long winter months the country sees very little light and the people do everything they can to let the light into their homes. No wonder gallons and gallons of white paint is the main staple in most Swedish homes.

Hardwood Floors. The Scandinavians love their hardwoods floors. And they show them off with pride. Area rugs on top of the floors, yes. But wall-to-wall carpeting makes most true  Swedes totally nervous. (Never know what’s hiding in those carpets…).

Swedes like it clutter free. And to them, less is definitely more. Most people prefer to save for that very special object rather than to be caught up in mass consumption.

I personally think the Swedes are masters when it comes to mixing old with new – whether it is architecture, art  or interior design. And they do it so effortlessly. Sweden is an old country where the “Modern Sweden” emerged in 16th century. The country is filled with lovely old treasures. On the other end of the spectrum,  Sweden is a highly modernized state-of-the-art technology country. That mix, between long ago days and today,  is something I so take to heart.

Swedes showcase their books with pride (and books are not props, they are meant to be read!). Don’t hide the key that tells people what you are all about!

Swedes love and respect mother nature. And their love is so apparent in all the organic materials and colors the Swedes love to use in their homes.

Swedes treasure time off work and would rather take more vacation days than salary increases. Many Swedes are saving for or dreaming about their own weekend/vacation homes where simple living, closeness to quiet and to nature are priorities. I so heart this spot between the sky and the ocean. What a place to unwind!

Thank you so much for reading all the way to here! I had fun sharing a dose of Sweden with you. I wish you a happy rest of the week! Cyber hug, Monika.

Images via: 1) Flickr, 2-4) Skona Hem, 5 = 6) KMLDesign-Dk, 7) Solid Frog, 8) Skona Hem, 9) RumID-Dk, 10) Trendenser, 11-13) KMLDesign-Dk

Thanks Monika for such a lovely post.

If you havent already, hop over to visit Monika on Splendid Willow


  1. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our blogroll.

  2. I’m a big fan of Monika; so wonderful to see her guest posting here. lovely and insightful piece, Mon. And thanks for introducing me to mochatini – now I’m hooked.


  3. é um grande prazer poder vibrar nessa comemoração do 2° aniversário, gif maior para nós que frequentamos esse espaço! sucesso e mais sucesso a você
    bjs Dolly

  4. Already knew I thought the Swedes had amazing taste, and now I learn here how it all came to be! I love what you wrote about the books so much “don’t hide the keys that tell people what you are all about!” Brilliant! Adore these images as well!

  5. so nice to see you over here monika!! i just love this post – so much eye candy for me 🙂 swedish design is so right up my alley – the hardwood floors and clutter free rooms and beautiful furniture…sigh, so lovely!! great pix, thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you Manvi my friend for the opportunity. I had so much fun going back to my Swedish roots ! And thank you all – for your support! Cyber hug, Monika

  7. thanks patricia. it went really well. they say it will be in print next week. i cant wait to share it with all of you.

  8. Mon –
    LOVE the photos – makes me want to hurry over to Sweden to see more homes!! They are a perfect representation. The mix is a such a true element of the Swedish look. Here in the states we see more authentic period designs where everything is more matched to a timeframe. Interesting.
    Your Willow sis,

  9. Oh how exciting.. Manvi!! Hope all went well… this is an awesome post!!! Love the wallpapered bedroom.. and the workspace… awesome!

  10. Well, Mon, I think you already know that I think I was Swedish in a former life and this post just confirms it! I love every single thing about it. Great post, my dear. 🙂

  11. What a lovely guest post, ladies! So nice to grab a little bit of culture while sitting on my butt at home 🙂 Such gorgeous spaces, I especially love those wooden floors and crisp walls!

  12. welcome to mochatini everyone!! great to see you all here. thanks mon for this lovely post. you are awesome!!!
    ps: the shoot was FANTASTIC. I cant wait to see some pdfs and will certainly share with you all. but we have to wait till its in print first.

  13. I love this swedish aesthetic. It’s simple and clean without being overly ascetic or bare. I love the desk with the little wooden drawers <3

  14. Manvi I have been thinking about you and hope all went well!
    Long email waiting for you in your inbox. When you have time lovely. xx

    Mon, you’re such a sweet friend! xx
    Needless to say I am with you all the way on the Swedish post! 🙂 Love it all, love our Nordic ways and love you dear!

    xx Charlotta

  15. Great guest post…I wanna be Swedish!! I note that you didn’t mention how swedes like to tile their bathrooms……seriously thanks for your comments over on my blog!

    Mrs C xx

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