hello monday + press

hello dears.

I’m back from our week-long trip to Maui. A bit jetlagged, a bit sunburnt and very tan. It was a fab vacation and felt great to be by the ocean; lounging by the beach + pools.

We did plenty of fun activities including sailing on a sunset cocktail cruise, boat rides to Lana’i and Molokini islands, snorkeling, and surfing.

AND had a super nice time meeting up with blogging buddy, rachel of lovely clusters. She is even more lovely in person. We were sad when the week came to an end, but glad to be back to home sweet casa hidalgo. I’ll be doing a more detailed post of my trip soon.

Now for some exciting news….

I mentioned prepping for a shoot a couple of weeks ago. It was for the Washington Post‘s Express paper. The editors interviewed me and asked me to create a few spring-summer inspired tabletops for the article. They came over for the shoot a few days before I left for Maui. The article was featured in the May 7 issue of Express, and included a pic of yours truly. Here is the spread….

The article references me in a few places and I am honored to be mentioned alongside Joe Nye (author – Flair), Kim Myles of HGTV’s “Myles of Style” and Tai Tsang (owner – tabletop dc).

You can view the print version online here – http://www.expressnightout.com/printedition/

click on May 7 and go to page(s) 27, 30 & 31. I will try to get more pics from the shoot to share with you.

Have a great week ahead!!



  1. aww, thanks piper.. i wonder if HGTV could come over to add some curb appeal to our home, have a great week.

  2. WOW – a huge CONGRATS are in order, that’s wonderful!!! HGTV will be calling, I’m sure :)!

  3. Thanks, gals. I much appreciate your support.
    Monika and charlotta, you two are like the big sisters I never had!! love you. I will send you copies. I missed you both too!! I am waiting for the photographer to get back to me and hopefully as he and I had discussed, he will send me more pics. Will keep you updated. xoxo

  4. I am SO proud of you gorgeous & clever woman!
    I have just read the article and MUST have a hard copy – can you send one?
    I’ll swap you for the High Tea book.. 🙂

    I am so glad you had a great time in Hawaii – I can’t wait to see some of your snap shots and hear more details.
    I’ll be posting my ‘trip post’ in the next week or so, and feel so relaxed and rested having been away. It does wonders for the soul!

    Monika – kram! I am back and have missed you too. Skriver snart. xx

  5. Welcome back Manvi! And tons of congratulations, my friend! I am so proud of you! How do I get a hold of a hard copy? The photo of you is terrific – you model you!

    HGTV will be calling soon! Trust me!

    ox, Mon

    PS It was boring when you an Charlotta were gone at the same time.

  6. congrats:) you look so pretty in your photo! glad to hear your trip was good and restful!

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