tabletop: mediterranean summer

Oye! You know you are all super awesome!! On such a busy day of orientation, I only had a few seconds to glance at your emails + comments, but I was so TOUCHED. YOU GALS are AWESOME!! Thanks for being so super supportive and motivating. I love ya!!

So it was a great first day and I am totally up for my new challenge and new job! Which is to help individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint. You know how much I LOVE being good to the environment.

Ok, now i have to figure out my blogging schedule so it isnt too late in the day for my European and Asian readers. It wont be tomorrow but I am working on it. Hopefully, this weekend, in addition to my Maui round-up.

Anyhooooo, now on to things that might interest you more, like my tabletop designs. monika, charlotta? ps: you know I am going to send you both a hard copy. x

Sooooo…. lovies, here is the first of four tabletops from the feature in Express newspaper last week. This one I created inspired by Paul and my first trip together to turkey and the gorgeous mediterranean waters of bodrum.  {photographed by Lawrence Luk and styled by yours truly}.

OHHH and pps: check out my wish list at one of my fav blogs LanaLou Style!!!

so bellas, i am off to check out your blogs and then get some zzzzs.

love you


images: lawrence luk, styled by manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. It looks gorgeous Manvi! I love the blue and yellow combo.
    And thanks for the lovely mention!xx

  2. Manvi, I was hoping that I was going to learn more about your new job. Congratulations again! They are going to love you! And you are going to be a rock star over there!

    And the tabletop decor looks lovely (I spy some anthropologie!)! Yes, I look forward to a copy! I will frame it!

    Much fondness + happy weekend!


  3. Hey lovely girl!
    So glad you had a fab first day at work. I know you were so excited and I hope that it is going to be a great adventure with many new learning experiences for you. The rush of a new challenge is amazing, don’t you think.
    Anyway, I have been thinking about you and am so glad to find this energetic and happy post.
    Yes please I am so keen to see the hard copy and will trade you for my book. It is out of stock at the moment (yay! There is a re-run!!) but will send you a signed copy as soon as possible.

    Love this table and the colours. You are so spot on – that base looks exactly like the Mediterranean. Those lovely blues!..

    You are so talented dearest and you know I love you!

    xx C

  4. Oh Manvi what a great job you’ve got!!!

    And this arrangement is adorbs 🙂 xoxo

    Have a great day!

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