green design; natural beauty by jewelweeds

Dont ever throw away old brushes, they are so useful to clean all sorts of things, especially block printing stamps and silk screens, says julia – owner of handcrafted green designs jewelweeds.

I love julia’s soft and organic designs, inspired by natural beauty.

Even though she has been featured everywhere, I JUST found her and her beautiful designs today via Sweetpaulmagazine, my latest addiction!!

Seriously, if you are not already following sweet paul magazine, what are you waiting for? Its the freshest, most stylish and utterly delicious magazine on the block!

images: jewelweeds


  1. Simple, natural and beautiful. Just the way the Swedes like it! (:

    Thinking of you my friend. I am glad I did not totally mess up in the cheering-up department! I think (or hope!) that I know your style!

    A warm hug. Mon

  2. Wonderful find today Manvi – I love the designs!
    Now, off to follow the link – I need one more addiction 😉

  3. These are wonderful Manvi! What gorgeous designs!
    Have especially fallen for the yellow ones. I will definitely follow the link!

    And also, will we see wonderful wood slice place mats like this in your home soon? How’s the Oak curing going?

    Hope your arm is better today.

    xx Charlotta

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Julia has a fantastic eye!

    There is a shout out on my blog for you… 🙂 Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  5. I think I’m in love – wow, these are pretty!! I love the texture and the colors, what a great find :)!

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