interiors; sex and the city 2 movie sets

This past weekend, with absolutely zero  expectations, I went to see SATC2. I have to say it was of the worst movies I have ever seen. Haanji is not yes in arabic but hindi. just saying…

However, I did enjoy the chic interior set designs.

have you seen it? what did you think?

images: elle decor


  1. Didi, i did but cant seem to find it. let me try to f/o where i got it from. i painted our guest bath in grey and also a wall in the living room. lets chat on email about yours..

  2. I am dying to see the bathroom of Big and Carrie, but could not find a picture of it on the internet – do yu happen to have it?
    We are planning to decorate our bathroom in grey, white and dark grey (and wood)…if you have any fabulous ideas – do write:)

  3. Hello my friend, thinking of you. Sending you good energy and lovely thoughts for the weekend.

    All ok? Can I be of any help?

    Much fondness, Mon

  4. I thought it was kinda fun actually (I had very low expectations + am comparing it with the first movie which I didn’t like)
    Love that navy sofa – I knew I was on the right track going with navy…

  5. Hi Manviiii!! that’s what all reviews say. I do believe its pretty bad from what I have seen. I am a huge fan and it hurts when they just can’t get it right. Anyway, the interiors are pretty stunning, the dressing room is unreal! xoxoox

  6. Ah no, really? Planning on seeing it next week, will go with zero expectations then!:)

  7. I’m probably one of the few people that wasn’t in to the series so I haven’t even seen any of the movies! But I have to say, I’m loving the interiors you posted…the living room is just gorgeous!!

  8. Ha ha! I expect it will be nothing more than wild style, cheesy puns, and fab hair. In other words I am excited to see it… just not at the cost of a theatre, lol.

  9. I’ve been wary to see the film because I had a feeling….but I LOVE the sets and decor. How cool would it be to work on this set?!

  10. I loved the fashion, the decor, and the style…but also the movie! I thought it was funny. I am also a huge fan of the show, so I am happy to see another episode =)

  11. Hello – yes I too have heard the film is pretty average. Was a huge SATC fan when the series first started eons ago, however the passion has worn off.. I do think the set design is fantastic and as are of course the outfits.. Be nice to have this apartment including the content in that walk-in..! 🙂

    Hope you are well sweetie and that your little break was relaxing & reviving! Did you get some rest?
    Thanks so much for your messages and email.

    Big hug!
    xx Charlotta

  12. Awful? Really? I´m going to see it today with my friends…. Guess I have to enjoy the interior then;)

    Have a nice weekend!


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