happy fathers day

Happy Father’s Day. To all fathers, and especially to my loving dad. It is hard being far away from you and mom and i miss you very much. if you lived closer, this is how i imagine we would celebrate the day.

How did you all celebrate? I am jealous of those who live close to their family, so I hope you  make your fathers feel special today.

For those who are separated, do you find it hard to be away from loved ones and family? How do you celebrate holidays like this?

image: sweetpaul


  1. Hey Manvi 🙂

    nice decor. i loved it. btw, nice profile pic 🙂

  2. Hello!
    What a gorgeous table Manvi. It makes me think of a bright and light lunch in Sweden. I’d cook you oven baked salmon, boiled new potatoes (we use fresh dill in the water to add flavour), a cold garlic & herb sauce, a large plate of freshly harvested vegetables and crusty bread. Served with chilled white wine and lots of toasts to our beautiful dear fathers who live so far away and who we love so much!

    Will drop you an email shortly.

    Big hug
    xx Charlotta

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