1. So beautiful,. I love the way the red boots pop out of the image.

  2. This is YOU! Well traveled, feminine, chic, current, sweet, interesting and simply lovely!

    Fun to see you over at Delishhh. Ms. Ewa is a very good friend of mine. Right now I am helping her with ideas to the house (and what a house!) they just purchased. The girl is a top executive at a large technology company and she is nice and beautiful and she can cook! (She makes me look like a pile of dust! Haha!)

    Happy weekend, dear.

  3. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the amazing guest post you did. I will always from now on use some of your ideas when i make a table. Things i didn’t even think about. THANK YOU again!

  4. oh those vintage suitcases are adorrrrbs! I want a few of them. Happy day Manvi =D

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