hello monday,

and hellos to you. did you have a good weekend?

hope these pretties help your monday blues. they did mine.

did i mention i have a HUGE fallen branch in my yard? I’m amazed it didnt cause any damage. Its going to be a big pain to take care of it. in other news, we lost power for about ten seconds during the short storm that hit this area yesterday. Lots of homes and businesses lost power for hour and there were fallen branches, leaves, trees on streets. Did your area get any part of the storm?

Have a great week my friends.

images: manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. OMG that sounds so violet!? What happened? A freak storm?
    Thank goodness the old Oak wasn’t still there as well.

    How is the garden? Did your plantations get damaged?

    Loving these pictures (of course)!

    xx C

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