live with what you love

the latest issue of lonny magazine is out…with a nod to female entrepreneurs {smiles}, the eclectic boho theme of this issue is refreshing… and it took me back to familiar streets of london town.

i need (read:want) this sette from wisteria for my home office.

most of you have probably read it front to back already, what did you think? what were your favorite bits?

xo, manvi

images: lonnymagazine


  1. Hi Manvi! Thanks for the visit yesterday, yes, all good and happy on my side! Loved this Lonny issue, it definitely made me want to pay a little visit to London!x

  2. Manvi dear,

    Good to be back! Nope, no reading here. I get my Lonny loveliness via you! (Look at that lovely art wall!)

    Yes, that setteee could move in w. me as well!

    Love always, Mon

  3. OMG forgot to say that there is a little award for you on my site.. Posted it last night. Hope you accept.

    xx C

  4. Hello my dear and thank you for your sweet comments yesterday. I am on my knees.. so SO very tired and worn down after all the worry. Bella is better now and I have dared to leave her at daycare for a few hours today so that I can recollect myself, the house and life in general.

    Missing you and thinking of you so often. How are things? Let’s email soon ok. xx Will be sending the book (finally) and when you receive it, let’s chat about our ‘table idea’ ok. If you have time of course.. I know life is chock a block for you at the moe.

    Lovely selection of Lonny images.. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but your eye is always keen and I love your sense of taste. Always spot on. xx

    Also.. how exciting re DC guide.. Good luck.

    Hugs and kisses from Sydney.
    xx C

  5. I was just looking at the rest of your content and love, love it! Just my kind of appeal:-).

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