rethink wallpaper

If you think wallpapers only belong in your grandma’s home, think again. These fun, fresh and trendy wallpapers by mimou would look great in your house or city apartment. Think fabulous accent walls.  Create a focal point in any room by dressing up a wall with these modern and vibrant prints. Some of them dont even look like wallpapers. Also, wallpapering is easy way to add visual interest, texture and pops of color to tired entryways and hallways.

this poinsettia print would be perfect in a walk-in closet, no?

too bad these are mostly sold in sweden and norway…

View their entire catalog here.


  1. I love that wallpaper is making a comeback. There are some really lovely options nowadays, it’s too bad I live in a rental!

  2. oooh my! so much gorgeousness. I love the black & white!!!

    Have a fab day Manvi!!!

  3. All of this wallpaper is jaw-dropping gorgeous! I have definitely crossed back over to liking the look of wallpaper. It helps that there are so many lovely options right now!

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