inspiration for my upcoming birthday party

Two facts about me –

One: Only weeks to go to my big three-oh birthday.

Two: I wish I had more time to plan the party.

These two pictures are pretty accurate when it comes to the theme  I envision for the party. A glamorous champagne high-tea with my gals  followed by a stylish cocktail party. With balloons, more champagne and laughter. Late night dancing optional.


kevin sharkey’s cocktail party via martha stewart living via coco + kelley

Rue magazine – photography by max wanger via stylemepretty


  1. thanks Patricia. though my b-day isnt until next month end. i know im being overly excited about it..hehe

  2. totally! I love the helium balloons with silver and grey streamers lining the ceiling. Too fantastic.

    Gotta give lighting a thought though.

    And happy birthday in advance!

  3. Mine’s in April next year and I’m trying to think of somewhere fabulous to have it. I won’t have many/any friends around due to traveling, so making up for it with location. Base camp Everest? Cruising the Nile? So much to choose from!!

    I LOVE that silver and black party though! Gorgeous – your idea sounds divine and I’d steal it if I were home!

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