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I have had two of these shelving units from ikea for like ever. I bought them thinking they would be great to hold several potted plants in an outdoor living area. Like the new outdoor spot that we are creating by converting a little nook in the back of our house. At some point they will end up in that spot, but for now I have a greater need for them inside the house to hold books and stuff. Besides, I can rarely keep a plant alive. Hoping to use them for my books, we placed them in the study. But the glass shelving unit, too weak to hold the weight of many books, ended up as storage for my papers, catalogs, and what-not. Read: junk. I hated how they did absolutely nothing for the room and were terrible bookshelves. This situation has been screaming for my attention pretty much since we moved-in to our casa, hmm, only like two years ago.

To give both a new life I spray painted each of them in different colors.

This was is apple-red from rustoleum. It tooks three cans of spray paint to get the finish I wanted. I loved it instantly.

I also instantly knew I wanted this one in a sunny corner of my living room. I think it really enjoys being here, dont you?

The other I painted a sun-yellow also by rustoleum which is back in the study, for now.

image: manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. I’ve so been wanting to paint something a vibrant color like this – it’s absolutely beautiful!! A perfect shade of red!!

  2. so pretty! I love the lines, and the way you’ve displayed everything on it. Fabulous!

  3. Hi manvi,
    I have recently started reading your blog and I thinkit is just great. I was your junior in ISG. Your work is absolutely wonderful and you r hugely talented.
    And your shelf looks grt.

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