happy friday + away we go

Happy friday dears.

Did you have a good week?

After a really busy couple of weeks I am so ready for some much needed relaxation. Huz and I are off to Argentina and Brazil on for a well deserved break.

Buenos Aires is one of my fav cities and I cant wait to indulge in delish food and wine there. I cant wait!!

While I plan to mostly unwind, shop, spa and generally relax I do plan on blogging every now and then. I hope you keep visiting me here. Feel free to email me with any shopping requests you might have. Cowhide rugs? Dulce chocolates?

I havent been to Brazil before so I am super super excited to check it out. Any suggestions for hot spots in Rio?

Dont forget to enter last week’s giveaway. Stay chic my friends and happy weekend.


images: we heart it, knightcat, tumblr and hermes

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