1. thanks einat. i would love to visit isreal someday. so glad you introduced me to your blog. i have some great recommendations for BA so do come back soon. xo

  2. Hi my friend, thinking of you and your BIG week!

    Hope you are relaxing and enjoying every second of you fairytale trip.

    Love to you (and Paul).


  3. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog while searching for some BsAs inspiration.
    I write about Israeli design at my DesignBreak blog
    I would love to hear about up and coming Argentinian designers…
    Sending a sunny smile from Israel,

  4. oh! are you going to the Buenos Aires Design? to the Palermo District? today everithing it´s close due to the census, but i hope you enjoy my town!

  5. Oh lucky you Manvi, have a fabulous time! Looking forward to seeing more pics from your trip!x

  6. How lovely! Just stopped by to enjoy some flower images; one can always count on you in that department. Enjoy your holiday 😉

  7. Wow! How amazing that you are there.
    I love this virtual blog world and how we can follow each other around the world and to catch up in (almost) ‘real time’!

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy this well deserved time off to the full!

    xx Charlotta

  8. Hi Manvi!

    So happy to hear you are in my hometown. I grew up a couple of blocks away from were you are having your cafe con leche. Please send me an email if you need any suggestions.

    Have fun! I love your blog.


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