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Hola! Que tal?

Yesterday we spent the day at a beautiful estancia, a large rural estate, just outside of Buenos Aires.  Under sunny skies we rode horses, toured a castle, saw gauchos and lazed around on the grounds of the gorgeous estate. Of course, there was plenty of food and wine in between. I took lots of pics for you but for now here’s a sneak peek.

After several days of sunshine, I guess its only fair that it is raining today. Good thing I decided to pack my wellies.  What’s new with you my dears?

image: manvi drona-hidalgo

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  1. It’s Saturday the 30th here in Sydney and I woke up thinking of you and your birthday!!
    I hope you have an amazing day with lots of pampering, gifts and fun.

    All my love to you my dear!

    xx Charlotta

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