happy friday + halloween inspiration

Happy Halloween weekend.

I don’t care much for Halloween. Its not that I mind the costumes or trick or treating. Its just that my birthday falls on the day before Halloween, and growing up Halloween was the most obvious theme for most of my birthday parties, I am a little burned out on this holiday. Being in Buenos Aires for this birthday it is very refreshing to celebrate my day without costumes and spooky everywhere!

If I was planning a Halloween party it would probably be on the lines of a glamorous-goth affair. Im thinking feathers, lace, leather and sexy masks. A color palette of black and white with pops of copper and red.

Are you dressing up? What about your kids? I’d love to know what they are planning to be this year.

Have a great weekend. xoxo

images: dress, design and decor and coco+kelley and weheartit and floredelsol



    Today is the BIG day! Wish I could be there and celebrate you royally!

    Expect a phone call.

    A gigantic hug to you my wonderful friend.

  2. Hello! Day two of Halloween feasting for us here and already the children’s sweet identities are changing into glucose intoxicated monsters… May need to book them in for a detox at a clinic.. 🙂

    Both kids were skeletons last night as we attended the annual (and much anticipated) Halloween fete at Oscar’s school.. The only time of the year they are allowed one stick of candy floss.. (the sugar rush..yikes!).
    Today we hosted a Halloween BBQ at our house and I dressed the dining room in black/white. Large tomb stone for the buffet, surrounded by spiders that I had fastened to the wall, spilling onto the dining table. Charcoal candles on a vintage white table cloth. It was nice.
    The kids decided to be ghosts today and floated off to our neighbours for some ‘Trick or Treating’.. (more lollies… sigh).

    Tomorrow we are going to another party (final one) which will top off the sugar intoxication for sure.. After that I am putting them on a non sugar regime until Xmas.. well, at least until next weekend..! 🙂

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie. Have a blast!
    xx Charlotta

  3. I’ve never gotten into Halloween. It’s not that I don’t want to – I love fancy dress! But, growing up in an Australian country town doesn’t lend itself easily to an American tradition.

    My niece and nephew, however, are at a party back home right now – my niece was going to wear a black dress, stockings, and heels, with stars painted around her eyes and bursting out from a hairband, and she was going to be a black hole! I have no idea about my nephew… I suggested drag queen 🙂

  4. Beautiful images…especially love the last photo with the feathers!!

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