mixed bag

Days like today remind me that winter is almost here. Cold, rainy and lethargic. The kind of day when you cant seem to get anything done and feel drained of energy.

Did I mention that I havent fully unpacked from my trip? I really procrastinate when it comes to putting away my clothes, as you might know.

To get me going I usually unpack my shopping first.

Meet my new sheepskin rug and throws. They go on my desk chair and couch.

And my new hide rug. This time I went for a zebra print.

Unpacking them inspired me to play with them. Which then inspired me to rearrange my living room. Yes, again!

I think the new layout is better suited for cozy winters. The slip cover for my couch and dining chairs are from Bemz.

Its been an exhausting day in many ways. I also think I might be coming down with a cold or something.

Thinking of making a fire in the fireplace.

Followed up a a hot relaxing bath.

And then cozy-up in bed with a few good mags.

I bought so many in Argentina and have yet to flip through them all.

So I’m calling it an early night. You have been a quiet bunch lately. All good? How are your holiday plans going?

In other news – Price William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement.

I thought it was touching that William proposed with his mothers sapphire engagement ring. Though I really really wish he doesnt treat Kate like Charles did Diana. The wedding is set for next year but already I can see speculations to details of the wedding, Kates dress, nail polish, shoes and more. Totally loveing Kate’s style sense and as a huge fan of (super stylish) Princess Di,  I’m totally excited for this royal wedding.

How do you feel about the british royal family?

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  1. What a wonderful post Manvi!
    I love your recent purchases and think they look stunning in your house! The zebra rug is yum! And you know a Swedish girl will always love sheep skins!!

    I know what you mean re William and Kate. Just read an article re the predictions made by famous Asian astrologers.. Mixed bag of predictions, mostly good but there were looming warnings of cheating, difficulties conceiving and fatal injury of William after he turns 39.. Scary thought!
    I still haven’t gotten over the loss of Princess Di. I lived in London at the time and you could hear a pin drop in the city after it was announced.. It was horrible!

    Ok.. am off to continue my work now.. Your posts have distracted me! As usual.. 🙂

    xx Charlotta

  2. I know what you mean Patricia.
    How long have you been in Dubai? I lived there for pretty much most of my life. I dont mind winters here as much as i miss the sun.

  3. rearranging my living room is like my favourite pass time… And unpacking is truly the worst.. Sometimes I hope that if I dont unpack.. I can instantly go on another trip.. Only if… 🙂

    You know something.. we here in Dubai.. would do anything for a little winter… so totally envy you guys!

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