let me entertain you: tiffany-blue themed holiday cocktail party

Little else gets my heart jumping up and down than the thought of decorating a party! Add in holidays, cocktails and Tiffany-blue and you’ve got me more excited than a six year old girl who just got her first pony. Featured on Style at Home recently, I absolutely love the simple styling of this tiffany-blue themed holiday cocktail party.

Really loving the pattern on these DIY invites.

Champagne and hypontiq cocktail garnished with blueberries – definitely trying it this weekend.

images style at home


  1. Oh yes, a Tiffany’s blue holiday theme looks great. Would suit a ‘tropical Xmas’ here in Sydney to a tee!

    Hope we get to see some of your holiday creations too love. Can imagine they will be fantastic!!

    xx Charlotta

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