hello {brrrr} monday

Hi loves. How was your {holiday + long} weekend?

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with the huz’s family in Denver.
Of course, I do miss being with my own family too and REALLY long for a holiday when both our families can be together for celebrations.

DC has gotten a LOT colder since we got back. My feet are literally glued into my uggs {at home} and suede boots {at work}. Its about time to scavenge my winter wear out of storage. Though, truth be told, I would much rather shop for a whole new winter wardrobe than dig through my existing over-worn sweaters and jackets.

Ps: I just voiced this out loud and my huz reminded me of the recent additions to my closet (Zara, express and Forever 21) last week. Yes, but a new dress, a turtle neck and leggings are just some basic additions. What I have in mind requires a complete overhaul {save for my faux fur jackets and a few treasured pieces} of my winter outfits.

But that isnt practical, or affordable. So maybe just a new item or two.

With so many things on my wish list its hard to pick so I will go with what I need the most. Snow boots and a camel coat immediately come to mind..

Speaking of shopping, did you score any good deals on Black Friday or today, Cyber Monday? Are these “deals” really deals? Or just inventory that needs to be pushed out?


  1. I can’t deal with mobs of people so I didn’t do one bit of shopping this weekend. I’d love a wardrobe overhaul too – but I want one every season! 🙂

  2. Lovely to hear you had a great time in Denver.
    Yes, I can imagine it is getting cold over there now. Here we’re on the brink of proper Summer, though it has been warm and sunny for a while already.

    I barely have any Winter clothes after my 12 years in Australia. I will definitely have to plan my shopping well when we move back North next year or I’ll be bankrupt for sure..!

    Happy shopping.

    xx Charlotta

  3. Dear Manvi,

    We got our share last week. So much snow and ice that the kids got 3 extra snow days! (And I almost went insane).

    Good to be back here after a few days off.

    Love to you & keep warm!


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