Mochatini’s Little Holiday Inspiration Book

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=101210154803-b1adfdca82be496089ad07383fb66666 docname=mochatini-holiday-book username=mochatini loadinginfotext=Mochatini’s%20Little%20Holiday%20Inspiration%20Book width=420 height=272 unit=px]


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  2. Just saw your beautiful styling on Charlottas blog and wanted to stop by and say how wonderful it is!
    You have a wonderful eye for detail.

  3. Hi lovely friend,

    As I mentioned to you in my e-mail, when you say that you are putting together a little Holiday feature, you really mean “I am putting together an entire Holiday magazine that can be sold in nice stores!”.

    Well done! 5 stars!

    ox, Mon

  4. Hi All,
    Thank you so much! Im so glad.
    @charlotta – that sounds fun. Loved your what NOT to gift..isnt it amazing how many people still gift those baskets? and that cellophane ugghh. Thanks for participating hun. xoxo
    @Ashley, thanks for participating..xoxo
    summer – in ms publisher but im not sure if thats the best way.
    @lattelisa – sure. ill try to post a pic of them but they are pretty great and the $1.50 price cant be beat!

  5. Manvi this book is amazing and proofs further (as if needed..) that you MUST publish the real deal soon!! Or perhaps a stylish online entertaining-decor magazine.. Oh that would be so fabulous and so you!

    Thanks for including my hideous suggestions for what ‘not to gift’.. It was fun!

    Hugs xx C

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