sneak peek: my holiday gift wrapping

Our holiday cards have arrived and Im FINALLY making progress with holiday presents and gift wrapping. I made these DIY tartan bunting decorations from holiday cards found at my local thrift store and the paper at an old book store. Love how they go together. 4 gifts down..several more to go.

Hoping to wrap them all up later tonight. While enjoying the snow and mulled wine.

How far along are you with your holiday gifts and cards?


  1. ..ooops.. I just lost my comment! Please ignore this one in case the first one came through..

    Just said that I love your patterns. The tartan is heaven and I have been drooling tartan patterns since the beginning of the year loving the fact that they are coming back into fashion so strongly.

    Happy wrapping dear and thanks for the sweet email!

    xx Charlotta

  2. Looks beautiful Manvi! The patterns are wonderful together and since early in the year I have been drooling over tartans knowing they would come back in fashion..!

    Ok luv, am off to enjoy the kids. Oscar has finished school and will be home until end of Jan. Bella has another week to go then she’s mine too! 🙂

    Thanks for your email!! xx

    xx C

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