happy friday

Changes on the work-front got this first week of the new year off to a challenging start. Our non-profit let us go. Today is my last day there. S**t crap happens.

Someone wise told me that something good falls apart so that even better things can fall together. My main focus this weekend will be a tablescape photo shoot which Im so so excited about. Wish me luck!

Fortified with optimism, I have decided:

  • that this year is going to be amazing.

  • to stop to look around for the endless possibilities that await me.
  • that when I get sad, I will stop being sad and be awesome instead. (via the ever wise NPH b/c Doogie is a genius)

  • to not be afraid to dream bigger.

  • to wear more pretty dresses.

  • to not give up champagne. In fact, I think we need to get better acquainted.

  • to do what I love

  • purge and organize my closet.

  • to make time to read more books.

  • get back into kicking-ass at scrabble

And MOST important – I have decided to start living the life I imagine.

What are some of the things you have decided for this year?

To new beginnings!

Happy Weekend my friends.



  1. lattelisa – off to check out your list.
    thank you for reading and sending me your kind words.
    I wish each one of you a very healthy and successful year ahead.

  2. wonderful words & fabulous images … despite the blip at the start I sense you’re going to have a wonderful year. maybe this gives you the time you need to make amazing things happen.

    ~ visiting from Design Chic, congrats on your Stylish Blogger award ~

  3. I was so sorry to hear about this. I’m with every single one of your decisions. I think this is the beginning to something even better!

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