Looking for that pop of sunshine?

Well, me too! Days like this really hurt my productivity. Snow + cold I can deal with, but grey skies not so much. I  need SUNSHINE. FYI looking at vacation deals to sunny beachy islands only to findout they are not exactly the deals they make them out to be hurts even more. Swallowing disappointment and exercising (commendable} restraint, I looked elsewhere for sunshine.  And then I stumbled upon these pops of sun that helped a little.

via apartment therapy

via this is glamorous. roseline, congrats on the lonny mag feature

one sydney road


I need to bring more bright hues like these into my home for snowy days like today.

happy snow day.

ps: snow is pretty but i am totally jealous of those of you enjoying sunshine on the west coast/south america/ carribean/ australia. Soak in some sun for me!


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