snow day + a visual berrytale about holly berries

A visual tale about Holly Berries.

Once upon a time. It snowed in DC, and many other parts of the country. I woke up to snow everywhere. SO pretty.

Snow boots on. Lets go outside.

Front yard is covered in snow.

Pretty was everywhere.

I see some holly berries fallen to the ground.

Under a beautiful Japanese Maple Tree.

Separated from their friends. They were sad.

I decide Holly Berries need company and bring them inside.

Holly Berries like the color of this giftbox. And want to say hello. They become BFFs.

They REALLY like what’s in the giftbox. They become also BFFs.

I place them on my desk. They like the ceramic creamer too. They also become BFFs.

The berries miss being with their outside friends, but they have new friends now. The INSIDE friends. And its warm and cozy by the fire. Their new friends make them laugh and they tell the berries things like berries you are so beautiful. The berries smile.

A few hours later I check on them. They have their own space which they cant wait to start DECORATING and have already invited the twins a.k.a a pair of champagne flutes and the giftbox along with many others to a party. They LOVE being in their new home. And I love that EVERYONE is happy.

the end

Happy Wednesday!

images: manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. thank you monika, lisa and gagan. You girls are too sweet. I took the pics in the afternoon and then this silly narrative tale popped in my head. glad you like the pics. xo

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