hello monday

Happy new week to you all friends. Trust you had a great weekend.

I am happy to report that we made a LOT of progress on our home improvement projects:

1. Closet. Installed lights in my closet. This tiny walk-in closet had no lights or power outlets. Only a window so you can imagine how much of a challenge it used to be to find stuff in it after it was dark. Long story to why it took us this long but I am SO glad to finally have lights there. Read: running out of excuses to not organize my wardrobe.

2. Home office/ library. Constructed a work station for me in our library. I cant tell you how AWESOME I feel about it. Lots to do before it is all done but just having a sturdy work station is great. I made a list of all my supplies so we can fully customize the storage unit that will go above my work station.

3. Home office/ library. Scored two small bookcases for the library for under $50. I plan on refurbishing them.

4. Master suite. I  might have mentioned that we are going to DIY a fabric canopy over our bed in the master suite. I got around to selecting fabrics and cant wait to see how they turn out. Have any of you made a fabric bed canopy before?

5. Living room. Found the couch we had been looking for. Yay. We also found out that it is back ordered for several months. Nay.

6. Living room mantle mirror. Thank you for your paint color suggestions. I didnt find the time to painting it yet but I picked a color. You will have to wait a bit to see which one.

7. Kitchen storage unit.

Later this week we head up to NYC for a few days. So excited.

You might have noticed mochatini’s new banner. Do you like? I also created some new banner buttons should you want to put one up on your blogs. { I hope you do.}

(more banner sizes here)

Did you get around to any decorating projects in your home? I’d love to know.

Have a great week ahead.


images: via my styleboard over at pinterest


  1. This does not count without pictures!!! (:

    Love the banner! Your button is coming up on my blog soon. I don’t know why it is not there already!

    Love to you,


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