Architecture: Green roofs

There is a such a foreign elegance to green roofs. Obviously there is nothing more natural than plants and grass, but put it on top of a concrete jungle and there is a head-turning strangeness about it that is so beautiful. Perhaps in the near future it will be the norm, but for now check out these beautiful urban/pastoral hybrids from around the world.

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco   via

Vancouver Public Library, Canada    via

Vancouver Convention Center – Built for the 2010 Olympics   via

Nanyang University School of Art, Singapore   via

“Temporary” Green Technology Showroom, Beijing, China   via

New York City    via

Faroe Islands, Denmark    via


  1. Stunning, M. I saw some beautiful ones in Paris recently. Hope you had a smashing time in NYC.

  2. That image from New York looks very unique. I’m not sure if it was intentionally designed to be like that or it just went on as time passed. Thanks for sharing this collection! Looking forward to more.

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