update on my living room

Taking advantage of spring-like weather this past weekend I finally got around to changing things around in my living room. I painted the mirror frame. Going with what some of you recommended I went with glossy white and am really happy with the results. This is how the mantel looks right now. The figurine lamp from one kings lane is far more functional than the tapers I had on the mantel before.

I also brought in some of the firewood from our yard and stacked it up next to the fireplace. More logs to be added to the stack this week/ weekend.

The black wallstand used to hold our huge flatscreen. I never liked having the tv in this space but had to have it there because of the cable wires.  It competed with our beautiful fireplace which was a huge concern for me. We moved the tv to a different corner and will use the stand upstairs in our bedroom. This is what I have in mind for this corner.

I want to stack the firewood up to about 1/3 of the wall. Then add a counter/shelf (like in the pic above) to serve as a bar station. Above which I plan to display my pretty plates.

Sooo what do you think? yay or nay?

all images by me except bottom right corner which I found via bright bazaar.


  1. Love the concept, and I can’t wait to see how the plates are displayed. But I’d have to say, the simple rose accent is my favorite. Do you suggest adding water to prolong the flower life, or letting it dry naturally?

  2. Great ideas! I love them all but i am not a plate person the wall (just not my taste). I would do pics intead.

  3. Hello my dear.

    Yes that is a great idea. I love a good stack of fire wood. Adds such an earthy element yet can be so elegant. Love the idea of having a ‘bar’ on top. That will add a nice contrast to the wood.

    Also think the figurine lamps are fabulous!

    xx C

  4. That is way cool. I can’t wait to see how the plates/TV look – what a neat idea!

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