hello monday + toast

Hello friends. On this rainy day I found tons of inspiration in the spring/ summer 2011 catalog of toast.

Do you shop there? Any of you know if they ship to the US?

Have a great week!


ps: what did you think of the oscars? best/ worst dressed? happy with the wins?


  1. Mon – LETSSSS GO!!!! x
    Charl – oscars was fun but not great so you didnt miss much. plus you got to catch it all in a few minutes without all the commercials etc. rest is more important anyway. hope are you enjoying your time off. x

  2. Are you up?! Just got your comment – it is late for you!

    Ok, my x boyfriend and I built an outside BBQ-hangout as part of his lovely 13th c. house on Mallorca. It looks exactly like the one behind the lovely model in the apron! Maybe we should go there. I can use the house whenever I want!

    Warm hugs to you. Chat tomorrow?


  3. Loving these. Has that wonderful rustic Summery feel.

    Hope you enjoyed the Oscar’s! I missed the whole damn thing because of my tired brain that got the dates mixed up. Waited for weeks for the event.. Sigh!


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