video picks; barcelona and paris

Some of you might have seen these circulating around but for those who haven’t check these two “live the language” videos out! A great campaign to encourage learning a new language where it is natively spoken. Wouldn’t that be such a great experience?

Totally makes me want to pack my bags and head over to the other side of the pond, not that I dont want to do that all the time anyway. 😉

Live the language


  1. Let all go together!
    Ella, we have our share of fun here in NA but yes I am constantly flirting with the idea of living i paris. i wonder if any parisians dream of living in US?
    helena, i know what you mean. didnt know you from barcelona. I long to explore this city more. you must give me tips before i go there next.

  2. I saw these videos too on Wanderlust Journal. They’re great. I love the scenery. Sometimes, I wonder what I’m still doing in North America. I always wanted to learn a few more languages. And these videos make me feel like it’s still possible.

    Whoever conceptualized these did a fantastic job.

  3. Loved seeing the Barcelona one, its my home town and Im deeply in love. I know its an ad to go study spanish abroad so it makes sense but it would have been nice to acknowledge that in Barcelona the main language is catalan 🙂 sorry Im ranting! they are fab nonetheless and a great marketing tool!

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