here comes your man

For guys who are completely lost when it comes to home decoration, are struggling to nail down their own style, or looking to transform their dorm-room style apartment into a sophisticated bachelor pad, Esquire Home may be your oasis.

Esquire Home extends Esquire magazine’s philosophy of “Man at His Best”—a lifestyle focused on comfort, luxury, and sophistication—into a unique furniture collection with the same attention to detail as a custom-made suit. Esquire has already familiarized you with the man of style. Now meet his furniture.

Esquire Home collection personifies that “extra 10%” that men aspire to in all areas of their life, and represents the essential for great taste and all matters of style.

With distressed leathers, neutral twills and tweeds, polished nickel finishes, and black glass, this collection evokes a cool and contemporary style that nearly any man would be satisfied and comfortable with. This collection has about 90 separate items that you fashion-conscience men can choose from.Read: Chick-magnet. 😉

Have fun boys!

images: Esquire Home


  1. This image is awsome ……….
    Congratulations for the good Work!
    I think that it will represent quiet well with Menina Design Group and the brand that she represent…

  2. i feel like it is a great initiative too. I would love to see more chic bachelor pads.

  3. What a lovely collection, great examples of interior design for the discerning man! They would be quite some bachelor pad.

  4. Great initiative from Esquire. These are beautiful male interior examples that I think women can fall for easily too. Apparently the feminine touch isn’t always necessary;) Enjoy your weekend!

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