Four decor details

Im into right now:

1. Cozy reading nook by the window + art wall. Love the orb pendant light fixture too.

2. Sea glass paint color on walls and furniture.

3. Fabric bed canopy. Huz and I working on one right now.

4. Built-in bookcases with storage cabinets in glossy saturated finishes.

What decor details are you loving these days?

images: via pinterest. ps: if you are on pinterest, let me know so I can add you.



  1. Hi,
    Could you please share the name and brand of the seaglass colored paint used on the walls in picture #2?

  2. that first shot is one of my faves. i’m into natural woods with black and white lately…apparently, many others seem to be as well because i’m seeing a lot of it lately!

    on my way to check out your boards…i’m on pinterest as well! ox

  3. Love that sea glass paint with the creamy white. Now I’m off to take a peek at your pinterest boards 🙂

  4. I too love that nook and remember when I first saw it in a house tour on a Swedish real estate site. It’s so lovely and I am madly in love with that over sized bulb!

    Right now I am into clean open rooms with few but striking details. Despite it starting to cool down here the last thing I want is to layer our home. In fact I feel like culling right down to the bare essentials and just enjoy the sacral feeling of space.

    xx C

  5. That first nook is just amazing! I’ve always loved it – in fact more so each time I see it!

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