happy friday

Happy friday loves.

Thanks to those of you who wished me luck for the photo shoot. Everything worked out splendidly. Much thanks to a FAB team.

Meanwhile, NYC has been treating me well.



Really well.


Inspiration all around.

Im sad to leave tomorrow but being on the road for a couple of weeks has been tiring. My feet are screaming for a massage. I cant wait to finally sleep in my own bed, book a couple of SPA treatments, check out this years cherry blossoms, and play catch up on emails and blogging.


What have you got planned for the weekend? Have a great one dears.


images: NYC manvi drona-hidalgo, fashion via pinterest


  1. Hello!I love this grocery bag by Cynthia Vincent! Being a young mom I need a bag that fits evnrhtyieg into it- yet I still want it to be AWESOME! This bag fits the bill- it is fcber chic with a rock edge AND fully functional. Shopbop also stocks the best bags on the web. Also I live in sunny South Africa and Shopbop ships worldwide!!!!!

  2. There’s something about that first photo…I love the shoes and the whole outfit…the balcony scene just wraps it up so well together.

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