I dont usually do “room of the day” or “room of the week” posts but if I did, this one would surely be it.

Every bit, starting from the architectural details, to the velvet couch and the gilded mirror, to the pendant light fixture above the rustic dining table, is powerful on its own but together make this room simply SPECTACULAR. A muted glamor with so much character. I also love how the black shades lined with gold dust on the inside really define this monochromatic palette.

You like?

Ps: on a side note: I just got word from apple store that my macbookpro is back from repair. YAY! Did I mention they found out the cause of damage was contact with liquids? Yikes.  Working on the imac is great but I really miss the portability of my lappy. Cant wait to have my baby back. It’s only a little over a month old, so I am going to be EXTRA careful with it now. Any suggestions for covers for 15″ mac book pros? Something waterproof?

image: simply seductive via pinterest.


  1. Hello dear.
    Poor lappy. So glad the doctor fixed it. x

    Yes this room is one of my faves too. Just perfect in all it’s edgy sophistication.

    x Charlotta

  2. Oh, this room is gorgeous! I love the architectural detail, the sleek light and that amazing gold sofa.

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