happy BE GOOD weekend

After kicking some SERIOUS butt at the gym this week, I feel MUCH closer to my goal of getting myself into better shape before summer starts. While my body feels great, its time to show it little TLC and work up a different kind of sweat. The kind that involves party shoes and sexy dresses.

Speaking of sexy dresses have you seen this photograph of Coco Rocha by Jamie Beck? Im a HUGE fan of Jamie’s work and Coco looks stunning.

You have to view this picture on mochatini’s website for the video-like animation which does not appear via the RSS feed.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this week.

I’m going to slip into something backless paired with higher heels, pour bubbly in my favorite stemware and enjoy the next few days with my husband and friends. One thing my weekend will NOT include is leaning over high balconies, and neither should yours. 😉

Happy Earth Day + Have a BE GOOD (and blessed) weekend. xo

Coco Rocha by Jamie Beck.



  1. WOW that’s something magical. Never seen that before on a photo. Wishing you a weekend that you wished for and come back rejuvenated 🙂

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