hello monday + six good things

Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day weekend. Hubby and I cooked up quite a spread for my mother-in-law who was visiting. Our menu included french onion soup, scalloped potatoes, vegetable gratin and beer-marinated NY strip steaks. Leftovers, anyone?

1. This morning we brought our new (to us) couch home: a vintage leather chesterfield sofa in emerald with brass nail head trim from a thrift store in DC. It has minor scratches and wear but has solid bones. I wasnt on the look out for a chesterfield but fell in LOVE with it the minute I spotted it. So did hubby. And it was tooo good a deal to resist. I think its amazing that after years of being on the hunt for the “right” couch, we found one when we LEAST expected and for like dirt-cheap.

I found a VERY similar one at Anthropologie for $5990!!

2. I enjoyed watching the costumes, Reese’s cocktail dresses, Rosie doing headstands and of course, Rob P looking good as always in this movie.

3. On our over-night trip to St. Michaels, MD I learned a that an oyster filters this many bottles of water every 24 hours. Fascinating.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch here.

4. How chic would my succulents look in these planters?  I would place them on these driftwood pedestals. Both from Miyo Home.

5. Blogfest2011 is just around the corner and I NEED to start packing for my trip.

We have a full schedule in additional to ICFF parties and events. SO many inspiring peeps from the design world are in attendance. Im a bit nervous and excited at the same time.  Are any of you going?

6. Craving a spa-getaway to this breathtaking resort. Also, curious about their arts and craft store that sells handmade products by local artisans.

Any good things come your way this past weekend? Do share I want to know.

Have a lovely week ahead.




  1. Love all these Images and the thought of being up high is also very appealing to me. The mountain goat that I am..

  2. Great article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post. Thanks so much and let keep on sharing your stuffs

  3. Oh my so much beauty you have shared, that is amazing to find that sofa for 40! I feel like going to Bali too!

  4. hi keren, welcome. so happy you clicked on and made your way here. st. michaels is a sleepy town on the eastern shore but very pretty. lots of quaint bed and breakfasts and antique stores along the way.
    lisa – i have yet to recover from reverse sticker shock. I keep poking into nooks and cranies to look for some surprises but it ALL looks good and no smells either. only tears are cat marks on one arm…nothing a cashmere throw cant hide…
    will…i Luuurrves rob. he grows on you..i didnt watch any of the happy potter movies he was in. The movie REMEMBER ME was when i started to really like him

  5. Isn’t RPatz just so dreamy? I never used to see it, but from the promos for this film, I totally can see it now!

  6. Oh my gosh thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my blog, I’m in love with yours.

    I love oysters so that was a fascinating fact about the water, I never knew! St Micheal’s definitely looks like my kind of place.

    Your couch was a bargain beyond belief!!!

    Really looking forward to following your blog.


  7. mon, sarah, i can hardly believe it. Seemed too good to be true. I was sure the temp price sticker was 695 something until they guy came over and said if you want it, its yours for $40. I was like..NO BRAINER. we loaded it into our suv and i was BEAMING all the way home.

  8. No way!!!!! A you serious??? $40!!!! What a steal!!!!! I am just a tad envious….. You lucky, lucky cat! $40…..

    ox, Mon

  9. LOVE the couch. What a steal. I was just thinking how much it looked like the ones Anthro sells. Lucky girl!

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