for the love of stripes

I absolutely love black and white stripes.


Not only are they timeless, work just as well for a modern look as they do in a traditional setting, they are the easiest way to update any look. Accent them with primary colors or add pizzazz to a neutral palette for that wow factor.

Go big or small, use them indoors or outdoors, fashion or tablescape, drapes or rug, they never go out of style. Black and white stripes are the very definition of chic, according to house beautiful. I couldnt agree more. Yes, I love me some black and white stripes.


My friends, what do you think of stripes? Are you ready to welcome stripes into your life?

asos dress (boo that they dont have it my size), kate spade letterpress notecards, dvf napkin rings, style at home, house beautiful, trad home




  1. charlotta, hun dont worry soon you will be back in lovely sweden with oooodles of stripes around you. can i invite myself over to go shop with you? hope you are well sweety.
    nikki – im off to check out your inspiration.
    sarah i too LOVE the napkin rings..will have to use them in one of my tablescapes
    keren – you are so right they are timeless
    lily– ohh to have that outdoor space!

  2. Yes Yes Yes ! Stripes are a big theme in my collection in this trip of mine to India in abt 2 weeks. I have to see how Iwill put them together

  3. Love these photos! I recently did a similar post. Just so bold and simple!

  4. I love the mix of black and white…especially in the form of stripes !! Really love the last room.


  5. Darling, you’re asking a Swedish gal… We LOVE our stripes in the North!

    I was looking at a near-black and white (wide) stripe curtain fabric only two days ago. Was thinking to bring some back to Sweden to use in my dining room.. until Marshall stopped me and said I wasn’t allowed to buy anything before we go… Sob sob..
    Was worth a try though.. 😉

    xx C

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