Raise your glass

Food and beverages are pretty much the star performers taking center stage at parties. So why not take your next soiree to the next level with these clever and attractive dessert and cocktail presentation ideas.

Even if your party decor budget is tight, look to your menu to create chic and decadent vignettes throughout the space. Creative labels for each item helps eliminate the guess work out of your spread and is greatly appreciate by guests. Dessert and cocktail bars are really in right now. Tiramisu in shot glasses, cosmopolitan jelly shots and more, these stylish serving suggestions will have your guests talking about your party for months.

blackberry mojito


cosmo jelly shots

lychee cocktails

bramble jelly shots

white wine sangria amuse-bouche via the jelly shot test kitchen.

apple pie pops

tiramisu in shot glasses via bonnie tsang

watermellon margarita shots

succulent cake

hard boiled eggs with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese via hostess with the mostess


lemon ice-cream sandwiches

These beverage glasses from Ikea are super handy and I use them at all my parties. Be it to serve a cold salad, ice-cream sundaes, condiments, or simply cocktails, they are inexpensive and you can stack them for easy storage.


  1. If shoes were edible I would tolatly eat those hot blue pumps. OK that sounded weird.Seriously though, you better come back from HK with some of those blue pumps! Amazing! I’d love to visit HK one day… if I do.. you’ll be the first I ask for hot spots! 🙂

  2. When did you say you wanted me over again?! (:

    I am so copying several of your party ideas (love the “mushrooms”!).

    It is so good to be back here again. Miss you Ms. Manvi! Hope to chat soon.

    Happy weekend.


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  4. I am absolutely loving those apple pie pops!! Must work out how to make them!

    Also think the little hard boiled eggs with cherry tomato caps are so cute!

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