Happy Friday

Hi Friends. As I mentioned a few days ago, I am working on a FABULOUS new project, getting ready for which has kept me away from you. I could seriously use ten more of me right now. Anyhow, I will be connecting with each one of you to bring you upto speed in the next couple of days.

Pop! Goes the weekend. Have a GREAT one friends and THANK YOU much for all your support. You are gold and silver-huhuh.


  1. holly, how awesome that you caught that…isnt that movie such a hoot?
    I feel like jumping on my coffee table and busting out some of those moves.
    hope the week is treating you well.

  2. “You are gold and silver-huhuh.” Manvi, if I wasn’t already following you, your reference to PoP! Goes My Heart would have won you a new subscriber, lol!

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