summer lovin’

Happy Summer.

With longer days and warm summer nights here at last I expect each one of you to be enjoying being outdoors and not sitting in front of your computer screens. But if you simply cant be outdoors basking in sunshine right now, (work and other reasons) then let me take you on a virtual trip.

You need want to apply some sunscreen before hand. We wouldnt want these images to leave you with a burn.

You guys I am SO excited about my tablescaping demo party next week. If you live in the DC/MD/VA come by. I would love to meet and party with you.


images: via pinterest, courtney cox’ malibu home – elle decor, styleathome via a life’s design, living etc via brightbazaar, ruemag, jackie


  1. These images are picture perfect of a beautiful summer. Lovely inspiration! Those outdoor settings are simply wonderful and so inviting:) Ada

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  3. Hi girlie,

    How are you holding up? I will be thinking of you! Sending you tons of good energy and warm thoughts. Call me when the big hoopla is over! And post tons of pictures!

    ox, Mon

  4. Hello Manvi,

    First off, thank you for the lovely comment that you left for me the other day… Secondly, Happy Summer to you! These images are such perfect reflections of Summer — pure and bright and fresh… I want to be in image 09 right now — I can almost feel the warmth. Also, your demo sounds like fun — I wish I could attend. We hope to have a few small Summer gatherings and you are always so inspiring… keep us who cannot attend updated on the event 🙂

    xx, Sarah of Haute Design

  5. I too am so excited for summer. The feeling of the sun’s rays on my back and a cool drink with a dip in the pool – yes, please!

  6. Loving the pristine white room, in this southern california heat today, I would love to have a room like that and of course my boys can’t stay in the house 🙂

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