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Just got back last night from a fantastic trip to Vail. Was so lovely spending fourth of july with the family in this gorgeous town. Its beautiful there. Have you been? Our stay was very comfortable, weather perfect and meals filled with laughter..and awesome view of fireworks from our terrace. ps: Moes smoked chicken sandwiches might be the best I’ve ever had in a loooong time. Do you know of it? How was your fourth?

Appreciate your patience while I am slowly working my way through project deadlines, pics, emails, messages and more. Also restoring order to our casa 63 or so boxes of tabletop products that have been on my first floor and garage since after my designcamp party last week. Which went FABULOUSLY!! Cant wait to show you pics!!!

Huge thanks to the new diplomats wife for this wonderful post. thank you for your kind words about my work. i am blushing. would love to get to know her better too.

I am overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback. Pinching myself while getting so so excited about upcoming projects. {which have added a mile to my to-do list} + loving doing what I love. Thank YOU for making this possible.

images: manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. I like your blog, its beautiful. Also love the images. Your holiday sounds wonderful, I would love to do the same some time.

  2. Hello Manvi,

    I have been thinking of you all week and wondering how you are, how the event went! So glad to hear it was a success (just as I expected that it would be) and that you are well… your vacation sounds perfect. (and delicious!) To celebrate Canada day, I just enjoyed our city, and festivities and bike riding along the seawall…

    Have a fabulous close to the week.
    xx, Sarah

  3. Sounds like a pretty fantastic trip! Glad you had a wonderful time. I am just back from a mini holiday in Menorca – aka paradise!

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