weekday dinner special

An extra-large serving of Fall-inspired tablescapes I’m loving right now.


See anything you like?

On a side note:

Oh, and I’d like you to meet the latest addition to our casa. Meet Dexter. Our ten-week old lab-retriever puppy. Isnt he adorable? I am crazy about him. Any tips for a new dog parent?

images: style me pretty, 100 layer cake, pinterest and emmas design blog. Dexter by me.



  1. The best stuff I had ever ordered for the kid’s rooms is a high bunk style bed with space with a desk/play space below. The children really like sleeping on the top bunk. I love the fact that we’ve been making the most of the room.

  2. Hi victoria, i am not much of a plant expert but will find out from someone i know

  3. Please, please, please can you tell me what the species of the flower is on your 10th pic from the top? (4th from the bottom). I want to say its a chrysanthemum but I might be wrong….
    Please email me with the name if you can!
    Thanks so much! Want to use the setting and flower for my wedding.

  4. Hello Manvi,

    Oh the purple one… the purple with the blue caught my eye instantly—wow! What a warm and rich setting. I am in love.

    As for the puppy, congratulations! I am so excited for you. You will love owning a dog. I have had a few dogs over the years, and must say the best advice I could give would be to spend as much time with them as possible. Even if you are working on your computer, have them close by. Don’t forget, the small touches make the biggest difference. You will do wonderfully 🙂

  5. What, wait!!!! You are new Mom, Manvi??!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Dexter is soooooo adorable! Can’t wait to show my kids!

    No tips dear. I have never had a dog. Just give him tons of love and let him share your bed! Ha! (I love waking up with a bed full of people and animals).

    Hugs to you,


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