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One of the styling projects I am working on is a nursery for a dear friend. I have never worked on a baby room before and I am beside myself to be creating a unique look for the new addition to their family. I am inspired by unconventional looks and baby rooms are no exception. Trust me, this so not your average pink/blue-off-the-catalog look. The style is urban-chic and we are SO happy with the progress. The wallpaper is da-bomb-adorbs!! You know something a little extra but OH-SO-PRACTICAL for your made-with-love bundle of joy.

Here are a few hints at the look we are creating…

Would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions as I know so many of you are wonderful mamas. What trends/details are you loving for baby rooms?

images: ohdeedoh |sweet paul magazine


  1. I love the second room! The walls are so original, clean and comfortable. Where did you get that picture of the baby? He is sooo cute 🙂

  2. Nuit, would LOVE to see your boys room Im sure it is super stylish!
    Ada, me too. I am soo into this color palette for nursery.

  3. I love the third one the most, all those darker shades of blue and the neutral tones, gorgeous nursery. 🙂

  4. OH Manvi this is beautiful! I love Urban-Chic style on a nursery, I think it’s better to always add a twist. My son is almost 6 so his room is a big boy’s room now, but if I was having another baby this is most definitely the direction I would take. I particularly like Gray & Stripes, so that’s how I would do it, and then, if it’s a girl, I’d add little hints of pink to it and green if its a boy. Please let us see the finished product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

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