la vida loca + buenos aires-inspired dinner party

Blogging has been on hold this week as I have been tied up with client projects and prepping for six photo shoots next week. Certainly not complaining because I am having so much fun shopping and putting these looks together.

Time now to put work aside and start prepping for hubby’s birthday celebrations tomorrow. Inspired by one of our favorite cities Buenos Aires, and the awesome food there, we are hosting a dinner for an intimate gathering of friends. Milaneses, chimmichirri steak, proscuitto paired with Argentine Malbec and bubbly on the menu.

Hoping to make something like this for dessert with Dulce de Leche. Anyone have any recipes to share?


We might do it al freco depending on the weather.

I thought it would be fun to create my own double-sided invitations.

I printed an old map of Buenos Aires and a calendar graphic I designed and cut them credit card size. Stuck them on each side of card stock cut into same size and added gold stripe Japanese tape to the borders. I  inserted each invite into a glassine bag which I had also decorated with the gold tape. I mailed these invites in cream-colored postcard-sized envelopes, that I also trimmed with the gold tape.

Hubby was very pleased and I think they turned out well too. What you think of them? Would love to know.

images: Manvi Drona-Hidalgo, From BA to Paris and Shannon Nicole Smith





  1. My hubby and I love Buenos Aires too, whats not to love. Makes me remember the amazing food at Cabana Las LiIlas, have you been there? What a great idea for a party. I think the invites are fab!

  2. Hi my friend, remember me?!! I have been slightly busy myself… All good, though.

    Hey, where is our invitation? Perhaps we will be invited to something ever more grand (if this even can be topped)!


    Love to you all – incl. Dexter!


  3. That is Arroz con leche y Dulce de leche!!! really easy to do!
    For every cup of rice, two of milk and one of water, and a quarter cup of sugar, with Lemon skin, and a cinnamon stick. Boil until the rice is done, let cool and add some milk if necessary.

    Serve with dulce de leche and cinnamon podwer.

  4. Your party sounds delightful! I am a little embarrassed, but if it were me, I would make those lovely looking desserts with store-bought items. Namely, Trader Joe’s caramel (comes in a jar, is surprisingly good and no artificial ingredients unlike, say, Hershey’s) and tapioca pudding. Is there something on top of that tapioca? I can’t tell from the photo.

    Beautiful blog, it’s bookmarked!

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