4 easy centerpieces under $50 = ideas to steal!!

With Fall here and the holiday season knocking on the door, we could all use some tips for entertaining. For me flowers always take center stage and I almost never use fake flowers. Fresh flowers, however, can really be draining on the budget. When hosting dinner parties I like to splurge on wine and the meal itself while keeping the costs for flowers as low as possible. With this practicality in mind I created 4 easy Fall-inspired arrangements under $50, which I thought many of you might find useful. Some of these arrangements will last long after your party. To keep costs even lower, I used vases collected over the years, mostly from thrift stores and gifted arrangements.

Orchid + Berry trio = Delicate Exquisite Express

It isn’t Fall without some berries and these snow white berries compliment the burnt orange and yellow hues in the orchid creating a delicate arrangement. Cymbidium Orchid $34.50 + Snow Berries $13.50 = Total cost $48!


Lily + Oregano = Herbed Sophistication

The dual toned leaves in the ornamental oregano are reminiscent of changing colors of leaves on trees pair beautifully with Calla Lillies. Pinkish tones in the oregano are highlighted by the richer jewel toned purple-pinkish shades of the lilies. The fragrance of the oregano is perfect for dinner aromas. Oregano $9 + Calla Lily $23 = $32.

Romancing the Rose 

You can never go wrong with a classic all-rose arrangement. It screams elegance without looking over-the-top. Separating into three vases gives it a modern edge. 12 Gray Silver Finesse Roses = $22. I love the dual shades of the petals which is so Fall! Tip: make sure to cut roses at a sharp angle of 45 degree or more to make them last longer.

 Ballsy Minimalist

Moss balls might be the easiest house plants to maintain, need no watering, and last about a year. Place similar sizes ones in one large bowl or place various sized ones on several clear glass cylinder vases. Chic and minimalist, they are sure to be a conversation starter. Moss Balls 4″ $10 (2pcs) 6″ $15 (2pcs) 10″ $15 = $40

For a modern look I chose three vases to make multiple piece centerpieces but each of these arrangements would look just as pretty with only one vase. My tip, use the same type of flowers in each vase for an elegant and less-fussy look.

Hope you found this helpful. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you steal and how would you change it to suit your style?



 images: Manvi Drona Hidalgo


  1. Thank you Shanthi, Monika and Carol. Glad you find them useful. Shazina thanks for the tip. ill keep it in mind.

  2. I have a big party coming up and I am looking for flower arrangements and of course not very expensive too 🙂 as I have to do up 30 tables. Thanks for some good inspirations.

  3. Taking them all and not changing a thing!!! Your dining chairs also look wonderful.

    Mrs. – just left you a comment over at Will’s! SO FUN, my friend!

    Happy, happy!


  4. Manvi.

    I think your flower arrangements are beautiful!


  5. Hi Manvi,

    These arrangements are so lovely. Thanks for the tip on the roses, I have never tried that. I usually tried adding a bit of salt to water to make them last longer.. and by keeping the water level upto the last 1/4th of the stem.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

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