namaste india

Namaste from India my friends. I am in Delhi spending much needed quality time with my family. It has been forever since we were all together like this and we plan on making the most of it. Lots of shopping, pampering and TONS of delish food on the agenda. Yes, it feels awesome to be back here.

If any of you have been to Delhi what are your must-see/try recommendations?


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  1. thanks shazina, purvi and nuit. We went to dilli haat, haus khas village and gkI-n block today and had an amazing time

  2. Delhi has some popular places for various stuff like:

    Sarojini Nagar Market for some fantastic bargains on amazing clothes
    Chandni Chowk’s Paraanthe wali gali
    and then as Shazina said, dilli hat for some handicrafts

    Enjoy your time with your family 🙂

  3. Since you love art….. i would recomment going to “dilli haat”…loads of crafty stuff…from all over India.. and food from each state :D.

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