words to live by….

While walking about the markets of Delhi, I thinking about something that everyone could use a lot more of….and that is positive affirmation. Dont mean to go all chicken soup for the …blah blah soul on you but could we all agree that there needs to be more positive affirmation going around? I mean who doesn’t need a reliable, positive and encouraging mantra once in a while? And what better time to get started than the fast approaching holiday season?

Here are some more that I keep filed for those days when I need a little something extra to keep me going.







Go on start infecting people {including yourself} with these lovely thoughts…

What are some of your favorite/go-to quotes?

On another note: I found the most amazing store in Delhi today. It was love at first sight for mom and me.. we shopped till we dropped and I am already exceeding my baggage allowance..hehe…Cant wait to show you my spoils.. and there maybe a surprise in there for you too!!


images: all via pinterest


  1. Ok, I have that first photo (bought it on Etsy) – in our guest room! So now you know what will be expecting you!

    Miss you my friend! And remember no more than 2 suitcases!

    Travel safe.

    ox, Mon

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