1. Hi Manvi,
    Got here from Indiblogger …
    Interesting website and layout.
    Loved the India pictures esp the Chai ‘tray’ …
    Now let me get back to the other posts … 🙂

    Take care and happy holidays!

  2. what part of india is this?,

    i used to live in Mumbai with my girlfriend and the amount of fabrics, saris and sandlewood items she picked up was unbelivable!

    Good photo’s btw!

  3. Love the pictures.. each one is so distinct and natural.. love the one from the board at good earth and the cutting glasses

  4. thank you hun. Yes I am back and SO very grateful for you and your friendship. phone date soon? xo

  5. Welcome back my friend! (You are back, right?)

    Thinking of you today. I am Thankful for you. You are a gem.

    Love to you, Paul and Dexter!

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